Our Services
Our office provides a broad range of services for our clients. We are professional, licensed and bonded guardians, administrators and case managers.
Guardianship Services:
Serving as a Court appointed Guardian, we represent adults (minors if Court requested) or as Co-Guardian with a family member, even if they live out of state. An appointment of a Guardian can include these duties:

•Case management and 24-hour on call service
•Authority to consent to prescribed medical and diagnostic treatment as recommended by the attending physician
•Authority to arrange for placement of respondent in a supervised residential facility or nursing home if advised by his/her physician(s) and if the Court so orders
•Authority to investigate and secure respondent’s assets, including their home
•Authority to apply for Public Assistance for the respondent if appropriate; Contract and pay for ongoing nursing home care; contract and pay for agency caregivers to allow the respondent to remain in their home
•Authority to pay respondent’s ongoing bills and expenses with their available funds
•Authority to locate and contact their relatives;
•Authority to investigate and secure all bank accounts, mutual funds, money market accounts, stocks and bonds and any other personal assets that can be used for the respondent’s care
•Authority to suspend any Power of Attorney until further Order of the Court.

Caseworker Services:
The responsibilities of the members of our staff include:

•Supervising and visiting caregivers and wards
•Scheduling doctor appointments and arranging transportation when needed
•Purchasing groceries, household supplies, and clothing
•Purchasing personal items and medications
•Picking up mail until mail fowarding begins
•Applying for Illinois Departments of Human Resources, Social Security Disability, Veterans Administration and Retirement benefits when eligible
•Obtaining and maintaining medical insurance coverage for the ward
•Routine tracking and payment of ongoing bills